Many buyers have difficulty seeing what they can’t see.  What this means, is that an empty room will often leave a potential buyer, well…feeling empty.  They can’t see past the blank white walls.  To them, it may look like a waste of space, or something lacking in their desire for a new home.  With professional home staging, we have the opportunity to Feed the buyer’s imagination with potential.  We have the chance to show them what it would be like to actually live in the home, with ideas of grandeur.

Let’s say a house has 3 bedrooms, but the family looking into buying, only needs two bedrooms…will the extra bedroom be looked at, as a waste of space…or paying for more than they need?  Instead, with custom professional real estate staging, we can take that extra room, and make it an oasis of sorts, which will appeal to most buyers…it might not be what they want, need or will eventually do with the room, but it will open their eyes to the endless possibilities.  Is it a media room?  An office? Or, a nice guest room?  Whatever the result, if it’s pleasant and feeds the imagination, it works.

However, there is a catch…a poorly staged or designed room, can also have the opposite effect.  If you make a room unappealing, you can actually ruin the effect for the potential buyer.  Take a room with poor lighting, old furniture and a smell to die for…and your asking for someone to run the opposite direction.

This is where it becomes very important to hire a professional home staging company to stage your real estate property.  It may cost a little more than doing it yourself, but without the hassle and all the benefit, your home will typically sell faster and for more money!