How a $1 Light Bulb Can Get You $10,000 – Home Staging Bright Idea #345

Ever walk into someone’s home and find it dark and gloomy?  Ever feel down when the weather is cloudy?  Well, your not alone.  There are psychological effects in play when things aren’t bright and shiny and visa versa.  Now imagine that you are trying to sell your house and it’s dark inside…curtains are closed, lights are off.  If you are trying to sell a haunted house, maybe you have a shot…but for the general public looking for a warm and inviting home, we have to create the perfect environment…an experience for your buyers, that leaves them smiling and feeling good.  Why do you think that convenience stores have bright lights on the rolling hot dogs!?  Would you rather eat a dark brown dreary looking piece of meat, or a healthy bright fresh looking piece of prime delicious beef?

Home staging isn’t just about placing nice furniture in a empty house.  When we stage a home, we also consider the psychological perspective that the home creates for the buyer’s experience, and a nice furnished room can’t be truly appreciated if you can’t see it.

With a  $1 light bulb, you can literally change the atmosphere from gloomy to cheerful…that’s right a $1 bulb can do that.  Now, let’s take it a step further.  Open every curtain in the room and turn on all the lights.  This super quick and easy transition will be very noticeable to potential buyers when they enter the home and see the bright “fresh” house, and this translates into more offers and the potential for a higher sale price on your home.

You would be surprised if we told you how many homes for sale, we see, that are simply very dark and gloomy…and it stands out, the moment you walk in the front door.

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