Los Angeles is a very eclectic place…home owners from Studio City to Beverly Hills to Sherman Oaks all have different tastes in colors and styles…and it shows!  When a buyer moves into their house, their creative juices start flowing to make their house…their home.  This can mean decorating with outrages colors and styles that only a mother could love.  This is to say that what works for one person, doesn’t work for another.  While you might love a bright pink room for your girls, another person might be very put off by the overwhelming color scheme.  When buyers step into your home, they are looking for a warm place to settle down.  Bright colors can be distracting and cause your buyers to look elsewhere.

What this means to our real estate staging clients, is that to appeal to all buyers, they have to be careful to properly represent their homes in a way that doesn’t turn anyone away.  This means that it is important to repaint any bold room colors and bring them down to more neutral tones which appeal to most people.  Neutral colors include earth tones and pastels.  But try to think outside “your” box.  Meaning, don’t choose colors that you will like…choose colors that are simply neutral and appealing to the general public.  Buyers might have an idea of what they want to turn the room into…or repaint…but if they can’t imagine it…they won’t want to buy it…which is why we put so much emphasis on trying to think outside “your” box and not impose your styles on your potential buyers.

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