Set Your Table and Set the Stage for a Higher Sale Price

When getting ready to stage a home for sale here in Los Angeles, we often get asked – What can we do to help? This is a great first step in properly staging your real estate investment for sale. Many buyers, no matter if they are in Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Calabasas or even Beverly Hills think to ask this question…but the reality is that on average staged homes sell for 17% more than un-staged houses property and they typically sell faster! So, when we partner with a seller to get their home in shape for sale, those that are ready to do what it takes, often see better results than those who just want to sit back and let the existing home sell itself…which doesn’t always work in their favor.

One great thing you can do to sell your home faster, is giving the buyers a living impression of how amazing it would be to live in your house. Picture the difference between an empty shell of a house versus a nicely furnished home that looks inviting, warm and comfortable. Now, thing of the difference between an empty, cold dining room, and a fully staged dining room set as if you were having a dinner party, with the lights turned on and ready to go. When buyers come through your staged house and see this…their minds being working on how nice it would be to invite their friends, and what they would do to make it their own.

This is just one of the small things you can do to enhance your home with a simple home staging tip…of course…when you hire Twilight Staging to professionally stage your home, you don’t have to worry about these details, as we take care of it all, to ensure buyers feel welcomed in your home…and if we do our job right…maybe as their own.

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