Spotty Glass Equals Less Dough

It doesn’t matter if your house is being staged in Beverly Hills, Malibu, Calabasas, Sherman Oaks or Studio City….the reality is, that buyers don’t like someone else’s dirt! We discussed cleaning up your property and getting rid of the clutter…but there are small details that can make a buyer run for the hills. Ever been in a bathroom and saw the shower curtain full of mold or the glass shower doors full of spots…GROSS! Who’s spots are those? It just plain leaves a bad impression…literally! But thanks to this new tip from the professional home stagers at Twilight Staging, you can remove those spots…well, when it comes to the shower curtain, just make the investment and get a new one…but the more expensive shower door can be easily cleaned, if you know how.

What you’ll need is a cleaner like Lime-Away which is designed for hard water deposits, a rough sponge and rubber gloves. Be sure to wear the rubber gloves, because the chemicals in Lime-Away aren’t great for your skin. Simply spray onto the doors and let it sit for about 15 minutes…this is key, because the chemicals have to loosen the hard water spots…after 15 minutes, wipe in a circular motion and you will start to notice a difference…and for your buyers…this difference could be the one you need to sell your home.

So get noticed and get more money in your pocket, with a little help from Twilight Staging’s professional home staging services.

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