Trash Equals More Money

One of the biggest mistakes sellers make, is assuming that buyers can look past clutter.  Many sellers think that a buyer will understand what’s under the clothing and boxes that are lying around…The reality is that most buyers can’t.  Unless you are staging your home to sell to someone who wants to knock it down and start over, if you want to make as much money as possible, your home needs to be properly staged to sell to anyone who walks through the door, and this means getting rid of the old and ratty and keeping the nice and clean.

By simply throwing our your old clutter, boxes and those old clothes that you haven’t worn in 5 years…you will be creating an home staging atmosphere that is inviting as opposed to disgusting, and this is what will attract buyers…but more importantly, allow buyers to see what the home is really all about.

We have seen many homes have an absolute transition from un-sellable to receiving multiple offers.  We turned an old home into a modern home, with a little clean up and updates…we even had neighborhood real estate agents say that they have never seen this house before – not because they have never passed by…but because they were so dirty and cluttered, that they never took notice.

So get noticed and get more money in your pocket, with a little help from Twilight Staging.

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