Feed the Imagination

Many buyers have difficulty seeing what they can’t see.  What this means, is that an empty room will often leave a potential buyer, well…feeling empty.  They can’t see past the blank white walls.  To them, it may look like a waste of space, or something lacking in their desire for a new home.  With professional […]

Spotty Glass Equals Less Dough

It doesn’t matter if your house is being staged in Beverly Hills, Malibu, Calabasas, Sherman Oaks or Studio City….the reality is, that buyers don’t like someone else’s dirt! We discussed cleaning up your property and getting rid of the clutter…but there are small details that can make a buyer run for the hills. Ever been […]

Trash Equals More Money

One of the biggest mistakes sellers make, is assuming that buyers can look past clutter.  Many sellers think that a buyer will understand what’s under the clothing and boxes that are lying around…The reality is that most buyers can’t.  Unless you are staging your home to sell to someone who wants to knock it down […]

Clean up your house and clean up on your sale

Home staging isn’t just about the furniture.   There is so much more to getting a home presentable.  Did you know that a simple power washing of your walkway and driveway, a few flowers and plants and cleaning up neglected landscaping, can actually get buyers in the door?  We have many clients in Valley Village, Studio […]

Twilight Expands Warehouse

Twilight Staging Expands warehouse space to house furniture staging inventory – We are growing by leaps and bounds and are constantly needing more space for our old and new, sleek and modern furniture to be able to stage any type of home.  Couches, rugs, vases, mirrors and even a giraffe….we’ve got all types of furniture […]

Welcome to Twilight Staging

Welcome to Twilight Staging, the home of professional home and real estate staging services, serving the Studio City, Calabasas, North Hollywood, Beverly Hills and the greater Los Angeles area.  Run by one of the leading Real Estate professionals in the Valley, Twilight Staging offers more than just furniture rental.  The professional stagers job is to […]